Orquesta Morel Campos

The History

Dean Morel Campos, Great-grandson of the late Juan Morel Campos; known as the father of the Puerto Rican Danza. His father Manolin Morel Campos was a bandleader and music Director from the 50’s into the late 80’s. Having been exposed by the music industry since his early childhood allowed for the foundation to it is my greatest intension to continue the legacy with my music.

La Orquesta Morel Campos under musical direction of Dean Morel Campos was re-introduced in October 2016, with lead vocalist Peter Pagan a veteran in the music industry. His identifiable voice reflecting on both the stage and the debut CD “Para Siempre” is considered to be some of his best work to date. The combination was perfect from the beginning. The melodic style of Dean Morel Campos and Peter Pagan’s smooth voice, has quickly earned them the name “The Dynamic Dual”. Morel Campos stage ethic and constant strive for perfection reflects through the bands live performance. Now with the debut production completed and recently released, it’s time to introduce La Orquesta Morel Campos to the world.

The debut CD Morel Campos “Para Siempre” was planned from the beginning. The material being recorded and who would be the music arranger and producer, were all selected by Dean. He is confident something very special created in the music studios of Puerto Rico. He catered to the Salsero(a)s who like salsa romantic to salsa dura this CD has it all. Having composed two of the songs, made this project even more personal. Reinventing songs from yester-year and bringing them into today’s day in age with exceptional music arrangements arranged by Hector “keko” Hernandez are creating a buzz throughout the music communities of the world.

It is with great honor I Introduce you to La Orquesta Morel Campos “Para Siempre”. A compilation of some of the greatest musicians from Puerto Rico and music arrangements to equal their talents.


Dean Morel Campos


“Morel Campos Para Siempre”

“Dean Morel Campos has the respect and dedication it takes to succeed in this industry. The music he plays comes from his soul. The inspiration you hear comes from his family”.

Joachin Del Rio – El Diario La Prensa